Sokkia Transits and Level Transits

Transits are surveying instruments that are ideal for reading horizontal and vertical angles and extending straight lines. Transits are available with an optical plummet eliminating the need for a plumb bob. The level transit is a combination level and transit that allows both surface leveling and vertical height readings or vertical alignment.

Model 300/301 Level Transit

The only difference between the Model 300 and the 301 is their base plates. Both feature a 23x telescope which locks in a magnetic locking system. Rotatable metal horizontal circle is graduated 0-19-0 in 1 divisions, numbered every 10, vernier reads to 5 minutes. Vertical arc measures angles to 60 in both directions in 1 divisions, vernier reads to 5 minutes. Has a telescope level and a plate level. Gunsight aiming. Glass reticle has 1:100 stadia lines. Yellow. Water resistant.



303-001 Model 300 - 3 1/2" x 8 thread, 4 screw leveling base 15.5 lbs.

303-002 Model 301- 5/8" x 11 thread, 3 screw leveling base 15.5 lbs.

Model 115/116 One Minute Transit

Hold adjustments under the most challenging conditions. Model 115 has a 4-screw leveling base, 3 1/2" x 8 thread. Model 116 has a 3-screw leveling base, 5/8" x 11 thread. Metal horizontal circle graduated left/right 0-360, numbered every 10, 30' divisions, vernier reads to 1'. Metal vertical circle rotates 360, numbered in quadrants, 30' division reads to 1'. Compass numbered in quadrants, graduated to 1. Water resistant. Recommended Tripods:Aluminum extension leg tripod. Extends 42" - 68".

303-008 Model 115 13 lbs.

303-009 Aluminum Tripod - 3 1/2" x 8 thread 12 lbs.

303-010 Model 116 13 lbs.

303-011 Aluminum Tripod - 5/8" x 11 thread 12 lbs.

Electronic Digital Transits, DT500, DT500A and DT600

Angle measurement to 5" or mgon. Horizontal and vertical angles are displayed in less than 0.5 seconds. Ideal for short range work - minimum focusing range is 0.9m. Horizontal and vertical angles are simultaneously displayed on the large, two line LCD. The vertical circle is automatically indexed when the telescope is moved past 90 from zenith. Vertical angles can be measured by % of slope, zenith angle or height angle. Horizontal angles can be measured clockwise or counterclockwise.

All functions are easily selected for increased efficiency. The control panel only has four buttons for error free performance. The buttons allow you to select direction of horizontal, switch vertical angle between degree mode or percent of grade mode, illuminate display, set horizontal angle to zero and hold and release horizontal reading. The unit operates up to 15 hours on four "A" batteries. Unit automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of non use.

Three models are available. The DT500 is the most accurate (5" accuracy) and features dual windows for reading. The DT500A and DT600 both feature single reading windows and 10" and 20" accuracy respectively. All units are sold complete with instrument, battery case with four "A" batteries, tubular compass, sunshade, lens cap, plum bob, vinyl cover, tool kit, operator's manual, and carrying case.

303-016 DT500 Digital Transit - 5" 25 lbs.

303-017 DT500A Digital Transit - 10" 25 lbs.

303-018 DT600 Digital Transit - 20" 25 lbs.


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