Automatic Levels

Sokkia Levels

C3 Series

Fast, accurate and easy to use, Sokkia's C300, C310, C320 and C330 are designed for rugged outdoor use.

All Sokkia Automatic Levels have the exclusive Sokkia Compensator. This magnetically damped, wire-hung compensator with "rare earth" magnets holds the line of sight incredibly steady, even when you're working in unstable conditions. Years of actual use have proven this compensator design virtually unbreakable in any type of field use.

Levels are covered by a limited lifetime warranty and mount on flat or domed head tripods. Levels use 5/8" x 11 dome or flat head tripods. They come complete with carrying case with shoulder strap, plumb bob, tool kit, lens cap, rain cover and operation manual.

You'll find the following features of particular value:

Achieve an accuracy of 0.008 feet in one mile of double-run leveling.
Crisp, bright optics are easy to read.
Using a domed-head tripod, setting up the level is fast and easy - even on angled, uneven surfaces. Simply set the level onto the tripod head and center the circular bubble. It also fits flat-head tripods.
Four suspension wires and magnetic damping action ensure stability, even under rapidly changing atmospheric conditions, vibration and shock. Extended compensator range of 15 minutes.
Incorporates an endless horizontal motion drive with two knobs for fast and easy aiming. Operable with the right or left hand. Simply turn the instrument, then use the fine motion feature to precisely aim the level at the target.
Telescope optics are bright and clear. The 1 foot (0.3m) minimum focus distance makes it easy to use in confined locations.
The stadia lines on the reticle allow easy calculations of distance. Simply multiply the distance on the rod between the top and bottom stadia lines by 100.
C3 series levels are equipped with an easy-to-use horizontal circle for measuring angles (direct reading to 1 or 1 gon). The display window is conveniently located on the instrument base directly below the eyepiece.
Reticle adjustment can be made by simply adjusting one screw. The circular level vial is adjusted with two screws. Both adjustments are simple and fast with tools provided.
The C3 series levels are rated IPX4 making them fully resistant to rain and accidental submergence in water.


302-001 C300 Auto Level 8 lbs.

302-002 C310 Auto Level 8 lbs.

302-003 C320 Auto Level 8 lbs.

302-004 C330 Auto Level 5 lbs.


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