Pocket Transits

BRUNTON® Pocket Transits

The Pocket Transit is a hand-held surveying compass that can also measure horizontal angles. Brunton is the original and recognized world leader in pocket transits.

These are used by anyone requiring an accurate, reliable, directional instrument. These accurate damped directional instruments feature a lid that locks the needle in place when closed to reduce error on the pivot, jeweled bearing, and a table of natural sines for each degree 1-45 on the cover. Magnetic declination is easy to set. Dial graduated to 1° . Vertical angle reading ±90°, readings to 10 minutes ±100% grade, 5% divisions.

Size: 2 3/4" x 3" x 1 5/16". Comes with leather case. Units can be used with any standard 2 1/4" thread tripod or monopod.

Conventional Pocket Transits- the highest quality instruments available from existing technology. These transits are factory balanced for the northern hemisphere.

308-018 Quadrants (0-90°) 1 lb.

308-019 Azimuth (0-360°) 1 lb.

International Waterproof Pocket Transits - Waterproof ±7 lbs. psi. A patented needle and suspension system allows these units to be used virtually anywhere in the world without having to rebalance the needle. Unit is less affected by variations of earth's gravitational field and does not require rebalancing between Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Please notify us if you plan to use below the equator, especially in Madagascar, Chile and Australia. Special factory balancing may be necessary.

308-020 Quadrants (0-90°) 1 lb.

308-021 Azimuth (0-360°) 1 lb.

COM/PRO 90 Pocket Transits - This is the same design and specifications as the international model except it comes in a rugged plastic case. Waterproof.

308-022 Quadrants (0-90°) 0.1 lb.

308-023 Azimuth (0-360°) 0.1 lb.

Geo Transit - Brunton has made the ultimate tool for professionals. The billeted aluminum, waterproof GEO Transit contains a fast, magnetic north seeking, rare-earth (NdFeB) magnet balanced on a sapphire jewel bearing for quick measurements, and the rare-earth magnet is resistant to demagnetization better than other types of magnets. This is the newest pocket transit with these new features. Adjustable needle locking mechanism with two positions:

1) unlocked - releases the needle for azimuth readings

2) locked - momentary release of the needle for Strike measure ments by pressing and holding the release mechanism - then lock the needle for reading by releasing the mechanism.

  • Hinge inclinometer with 2" increments for 1" readable Dip measurements
  • Two long-level bubbles on the outside of the aluminum housing for no guess leveling from the sides or the bottom
  • Cover hinge assembly designed for increased durability
  • "Buck Horn" style sights for increased accuracy when sighting azimuth or vertical angles.

308-025 GEO (0-360°) Azimuth

308-026 GEOQ (0-90°) Quadrant

Pocket Transit Accessories

Telescoping Jacob Staff

Tubular Aluminum adjusts in four steps from 21 to 64 in. Upper end is tapered with 1/4 x 20 thread for attachment directly to ball and socket head. Also fits Rangefinders and most cameras. In canvas carrying case.

308-030 Jacob Staff 1.5 lbs.

Ball and Socket Head only

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Head can be used with either Jacob Staff or tripod

308-008 Ball & Socket Head Only 0.5 lb.


Aluminum extension leg. Height 48" open, 19 1/2" closed. Protective cap can be used as a plummet. Includes carrying case.

308-009 Tripod 2.5 lbs.

Carrying Case

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Leather with belt loop. For pocket transit only.

308-010 Carrying Case 0.3 lb.

Leather Case with Sling

Designed to hold pocket transit with ball and socket head attached.

308-011 Leather Case with Sling Strap 0.3 lb.

Jacob's Staff Thimble

Allows ball and socket head to be used with wooden rods.

308-012 Jacobs Staff Thimble 0.3 lb.

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