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DataLoggers & Accessories

Stowaway and Optic Stowaway Dataloggers

The StowAway and Optic StowAway family of dataloggers are powerful, miniature, battery-operated instruments for continuous temperature, relative humidity and light intensity monitoring. All loggers feature: push button triggered start for launching in the field, programmable delayed launch of up to three months, alarm indications and extended EEPROM memory ranges (StowAway 2K, 8K or 32K, Optic StowAway 8K, 32K).

Optic StowAway loggers use Infra-Red technology to replace jacks and cables for communications. This allows all Optical StowAway loggers to be completely sealed and waterproof for underwater applications. Optical communications makes data transfer quicker and easier even in wet and dirty locations.

StowAway XTI Temperature Loggers
StowAway Relative Humidity Logger
StowAway Light Intensity Logger
Optic StowAway Temp
The Optic Shuttle Data Transporter
Optic StowAway TidbiT
Optic StowAway TidbiT XT

StowAway XTI Temperature Loggers

Each StowAway XTI Datalogger is a dual purpose temperature logger that includes an internal sensor and a jack for using with an external temperature sensor. When used, the external sensor overrides the internal sensor, increasing the versatility of the logger. Uses replaceable battery. Two temperature ranges are available and reads in C and F, best accuracy: 0.2 C. Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.9" x 0.6".

805-130      -5 to 37C - 2K Logger      0.3 lb.

805-131      -39 to 122C - 2K Logger     0.3 lb.

805-132      -5 to 37C - 8K Logger      0.3 lb.

805-133      -39 to 122C - 8K Logger      0.3 lb.

805-134      -5 to 37C - 32K Logger      0.3 lb.

805-135      -39 to 122C - 32K Logger      0.3 lb.

805-140      Ext. Sensor w/6 ft. Lead      0.3 lb.

805-141      10 ft. Extension Lead      0.3 lb.

805-142      50 ft. Extension Lead      0.3 lb.

805-143      Submersible Case      0.5 lb.

805-144      Repl. Battery      0.3 lb.


StowAway Relative Humidity Logger

Sensor resists chemical corrosion and is designed for a non-condensing environment. Range: 5% to 95%. Accuracy: 5%. Calibration tested at ten relative humidities with stored calibrations for accurate measurements. Its operating range is 0 C to 60 C and has a response time of 2 minutes.

805-150      Relative Humidity - 2K      0.3 lb.

805-160      Relative Humidity - 8K      0.3 lb.


StowAway Light Intensity Logger

Durable, general purpose light intensity logger. Range: less than 0.001 lumens/sq. ft. to over 1000 lumens/sq. ft.

805-165      Light Intensity Logger      0.3 lb.


Optic StowAway Temp

The Optic StowAway Temp Datalogger is a completely sealed data logger perfect for field monitoring of air or water temperature and can be deployed underwater. Their streamlined design and dark translucent case keeps the loggers camouflaged in the field.

Available in 8K or 32K memory with two temperature ranges, the optional Optic Shuttle can be used to retrieve data and restart the loggers in the field. Ten year factory replaceable battery. Response time: two minutes. Accuracy: 0.2 C for -5 to 37 C; 0.5 C for -39 to 75 C. Reads in both C and F.

805-170      8K logger, -5 to +37 C      0.3 lb.

805-171      32K logger, -5 to +37 C      0.3 lb.

805-172      8K logger, -39 to +75 C      0.3 lb.

805-173      32K logger, -39 to +75 C      0.3 lb.


The Optic Shuttle Data Transporter

Quickly transfer data from the field to your computer with this inexpensive hand-held data transporter that stores data and restarts any of the Optic StowAway loggers allowing you to leave the loggers in the field. Leave loggers in the water as the optic shuttle waterproof transporter will store data from up to 16 full 8K loggers (or 4 full 32K loggers). It has a factory replaceable battery which lasts up to ten years. The optic base station connects to your PC to download data from the shuttle.

805-180      Optic Shuttle      0.3 lb.

805-181      Optic Base Station Coupler      0.3 lb.


Optic StowAway TidbiT

The TidbiT is perhaps the smallest stand alone waterproof temperature logger available. It is waterproof to 1000 ft. and this reusable logger features 8K of memory and deployment time up to 4.5 years with non-replaceable five year battery. It comes in two temperature ranges and records time/temperature data over 42 preselected intervals. The TidbiT is 1.2" dia. x 0.65" THK (30 mm x 17 mm). Accuracy: 0.2 C for -5 to 37 C; 0.4 C for -20 to 70 C.

805-185      -5 to 37 C - 8K Logger      0.3 lb.

805-186      -20 to 50 C - 8K Logger      0.3 lb.


Optic StowAway TidbiT XT

A rugged, weatherproof logger with a permanently attached six foot shielded cable with six inch stainless steel probe. Its great for pinpoint temperature recording and has a range of -20 to 70 C/-4 to 158 F. Response is 90% of change in less than 10 seconds in water, six minutes in air and one minute in soil and has accuracy of 0.4 C.

805-190      Optic TidbiT XT Logger      0.3 lb.



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