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Waders & Boots

LaCross® Insulator III/Chest Waders
LaCrosse® Medalist 3mm Neoprene Chest Waders
LaCrosse® Master Series Chest Waders
LaCrosse® Adirondack Insulated & Non-insulated Chest Waders
LaCrosse® Big Chief Insulated and Non-insulated Hip Boots
LaCrosse® Adirondack Insulated and Non-Insulated Hip Boots
Whitewater Neoprene Waders
Wading Shoe
PVC Knee Boot
17" Rubber Boots
All-Season Boot
Size Charts


LaCrosse® ZXT™ Insulator™ III Chest Waders

100% Waterproof and constructed of a premium ZXT™ rubber compound with a high tensile strength. The canvas lining, 9mm wool-felt insole and foam insulation offer warmth while the Trac-Lite™ outsole delivers all-around traction. Other features include reinforced rubber at leg and belly patch, steel shank, and removable EVA footbed. Order suspenders and belt separately. Sizes 6-13.



207-001-size          Waders, Chest, Lacrosse ZXT           14.3 lbs.

LaCrosse® Alpha Swampfox™ Drop Top Chest Waders

These versatile chest waders feature a foldable upper and removable elastic suspenders for easy conversion to pant waders. Other features include adjustable side straps, a removable belt, a waterproof chest pocket, and a nylon shank. Waterproof, breathable, lightweight Talson® nylon upper. Boots are constructed of waterproof, scent-free rubber over 3.5mm of naturally insulating neoprene and are lined with 600 grams of Thinsulate™ Ultra insulation for added warmth. EVA footbed provides cushioned comfort. Swamp-Lite™ outsole ensures superior traction in mud, snow, and loose terrain.

207-005-(size)         Waders, Chest, LaCrosse® Alpha          9.8 lbs.             

LaCrosse® Adirondack Insulated & Non-insulated Chest Waders

This is a favorite wader for stream gagers. The tough, injection-molded vinyl wader boot is welded to the lightest possible two-ply brushed nylon top. Boot features reinforced counter and instep and molded, bar cleat soles, polyfoam insulated waders trap warm air to provide comfort in cold weather. Choose from insulated and non-insulated. Suspenders and belt ordered separately. Sizes 7-13.


207-010 (size)      Non-insulated Waders      8.3 lbs.      Call for Price



LaCrosse® Big Chief 32" Insulated and Non-insulated Hip Boots

This durable, ozone-resistant, all-rubber hip boot is tank tested, 100% waterproof. Contoured ankle fits comfortably. Adjustable knee harness keeps hip boot in place. Also features stretch net boot lining for easy on/off, fiberglass shank, full cushion insole, heavy-duty chevron cleated outsole, and full boot heel. Sizes 7-13.

207-030-size      LaCrosse® Big Chief Non-Insulated Hip Boots      8.8 lbs

207-031-size      LaCrosse® Big Chief Insulated Hip Boots             9 lbs.

LaCrosse® Adirondack Insulated and Non-Insulated Hip Boots

This is a favorite hip boot for stream gagers. Features a full ankle injection molded rubber boot and an ultra-light, durable two-ply nylon reinforced upper. Boot has sure grip cleated soles and reinforced counter and instep. Sizes 7-13.



207-040     Non-insulated      8 lbs.    

207-041      Insulated           8.5 lbs.  

Whitewater Neoprene Waders

Rugged closed cell neoprene waders feature abrasion resistant nylon facing inside and out. All seams are sealed with heat-activated elastic tape. Special crotch design redistributes stress to eliminate tearing and seam failure. Waders have reinforced knees, shoulder straps, neck and arm openings, extra wide Velcro shoulder straps and front pocket. Fully insulated boot foot.

5mm Models

207-055            Men's Stocking Foot S-XXL             4 lbs. 

207-056       Men's Boot Foot Felt Soled 6-15         12 lbs. 

207-057       Men's Boot Foot Cleated 6-15             12 lbs. 

3mm Model

207-058           Men's Stocking Foot S-XXL                4 lbs.

Wading Shoe

Designed for stocking foot waders. Man-made leather construction offers look and feel of real leather, but won't crack, rot or mildew. Cushioned collar keeps gravel out. Speed lacing and padded tongue give a comfortable fit. Removable insole, EVA midsole. Strong toe box, rubber toe guard and extra thick lining. Felt sole for better traction on slippery surfaces.

207-070      Wading Shoe Men's 8-14      3 lbs.

LaCrosse Monarch PVC Knee Boot

This PVC boot is excellent in wet, muddy areas. The Monarch is lighter and more comfortable than other 16" high PVC boots. The boot foot has a steel shank covered with a removable fleece insole that supports the arch while keeping feet dry. Sturdy molded design fits legs snugly. Lining allows boots to slip on and off with ease. Bar cleated PVC outsole provides excellent traction and is available with regular and steel toe. Sizes 7-13.

207-085            Regular Toe Boot           4.8 lbs.

207-086            Steel Toe Boot                  6 lbs.

LaCrosse 17" Grange and Burley Rubber Boots


These waterproof rubber boots are 17" high for full leg protection. This pull-on boot has an adjustable top strap and buckle to keep debris out. Nylon lining eases the boot on and off while the cushioned insole and steel shank provide extra comfort and protection when walking. Ankle fitting for support and walking comfort. Sizes 7-13.

207-110           Non-insulated Rubber Boot - Grange           4.8 lbs.

207-111           Insulated Rubber Boot - Burley                      6 lbs.

LaCrosse All-Season Boot

This is a great water resistant boot for all seasons. Cleated outsoles provide extra traction as these boots handle any kind of weather. Full grain leather uppers are latex sealed to a natural rubber foot that keeps water out. Extra thick air cushion insoles, built-in fiber heel counter, and lateral stabilizer provide the fit and support of an all leather boot. Available in men's or women's sizes. Women's sizes are narrower than men's. Sizes - Men's - tan, 7-13. Sizes - Women's - tan, 6-10.

207-100 (size)         Men's All Season Boot 4 lbs.

207-101 (size) Women's All Season Boot 4 lbs.



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