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Specific Gravity Hydrometers

Two types of hydrometers are offered. One is graduated to read in specific gravity, the other in grams per liter of suspension, both at 68 F (20 C). The 280 mm long hydrometers are useful for determination of particle size distributions of materials where absolute density has little variation among sample particles.

The method calls for hydrometer readings for each sample at 68 F over a 24 hour period. A 1000 ml sedimentation cylinder, or hydrometer jar, is required for each sample and cylinders must be maintained in a constant temperature bath during this period. Cylinders are 18 in. (457 mm) high x 2.5 in. (64 mm) diameter.

The circulating bath controls temperature at 68 F (20 C) during sedimentation. Holds 8 cylinders, all accessible with support brackets, and provides gentle, thorough agitation and circulation. Tank has stainless steel interior parts; exterior is uniform throughout bath at 0.5 C. An over temperature safety cutoff is provided.

For the complete set of basic equipment needed for hydrometer analysis, the Hydrometer Analysis Set is available. Set includes six Hydrometer Cylinders 504-250 and one each 504-248, 504-249, 504-251, 504-253, 504-254, and 504-255.

504-246 Hydrometer Analysis Set, Complete 160 lbs.

Individual Components

504-248 ASTM Hydrometer 151H, range 0.995 to 1.038 S.G. by .001 divisions 1 lb.

504-249 ASTM Hydrometer 152H, range -5 to +60g/liter S.G. by 1g/ I divisions 1 lb.

504-250 Sedimentation Cylinder 2 lbs.

504-251 Mechanical Stirring Apparatus 16 lbs.

504-253 Dispersion Cup 0.5 lb.

504-254 Constant Temperature Bath 205 lbs.

504-255 Sodium Hexametaphosphate 1 lb.

Imhoff Cone & Stand

This settling cone is used to determine settleable materials in water and waste water samples. Clear cone is externally graduated in milliliters from the bottom upward and includes a leakproof plug.

This 1000 ml cone is constructed of clear, impact resistant plastic. Each cone is externally graduated from 0 - 1000 ml for easy reading and accuracy, and has a removable plug at the tip for removal of sediment.

The plastic coated steel stand, sold separately, will hold up to three cones for repeated samples. Imhoff cones sold individually.

504-262 Imhoff Cone 1 lb.

504-263 Stand 3 lbs.

Field Use Specific Gravity Hydrometers

These are two precision instruments for testing specific gravity in liquids or soil. One specific gravity hydrometer measures salinity in liquids, with graduated divisions of 0.0005 and a range of 1.000 to 1.070 Specific Gravity. The other is a Buoyoucos scale hydrometer to determine specific gravity of soil, with a range of -5 to 60 grams/liter in 1.0 increments. Use the hydrometer jar for testing, sold separately.

504-269 Specific Gravity Hydrometer for Liquids 0.5 lb.

504-270 Specific Gravity Hydrometer for Soils 0.5 lb.


Hydrometer Jar

For use with the specific gravity hydrometer. Molded clear plastic cylinder has a 500 mL capacity and a broad base for extra stability.

504-276 Hydrometer Jar 0.5 lb.

Apparent Color Chart

This Apparent Color Chart is used to quantify the apparent color of natural waters. It contains the 147 color standards that represent natural colors of aquatic insects plus their habitats. Also includes several bright colors, which may be associated with unusual discharges or pollution.

504-282 Apparent Color Chart 0.2 lb.



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