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Water Sampling Bottles - Kemmerer Type

Kemmerer Sample Bottles are used for collecting water and plankton at specified depths. One of its main benefits is its rugged construction and reliability. The Wildco® Kemmerer bottle samplers come in four different materials, stainless steel, acrylic, PVC and TEF. Two standard sizes are 1.2 liter and 2.2 L. Sizes 4.2 L and 6.2 L must be special ordered.

Stainless Steel Kemmerer Bottle

Useful for general purpose sampling at specified depths. In operation, the open sampler is lowered on a graduated rope to the desired depth which assures complete flushing of the bottle as it is lowered. Both ends of the bottle are closed by means of a messenger and the undisturbed sample is brought to the surface. Samples can be drawn off by means of a drain in the lower stopper.

Constructed of a stainless steel sampling tube and polyurethane end seals, the Kemmerer has few moving parts and needs little maintenance. 1.2 L volume.

Available with or without carrying case, it is also available in Kit form with 100 feet of braided line, messenger and carrying case. Stainless steel.

601-029 Kemmerer, 1.2 L, w/Case 12 lbs.

601-030 Kemmerer, 1.2 L, Kit 13 lbs.

Plastic Kemmerer Bottles

Great for general sampling when stainless steel is not required. These Kemmerer Samplers have silicone seals a wide mouth opening for a lower profile and a choice of 1.2 L or 2.2 L volumes in transparent acrylic and opaque PVC materials. Acrylic is a hard, durable material and PVC is resistant to acids, alcohols, hydrocarbons and oils. Metal parts are made from stainless steel.

Available with carrying case or in a complete Kit with 100 feet of polyester line, stainless steel messenger and carrying case.

601-042 Acrylic Sampler, 1.2 L w/Case 10 lbs.

601-043 Acrylic Sampler, 1.2, Kit 12 lbs.

601-044 Acrylic Sampler, 2.2 L, w/Case 13 lbs.

601-045 Acrylic Sampler, 2.2, Kit 15 lbs.

601-050 PVC Sampler, 1.2 L, w/Case 11 lbs.

601-051 PVC Sampler, 1.2, Kit 13 lbs.

601-052 PVC Sampler, 2.2 L w/Case 13 lbs.

601-053 PVC Sampler, 2.2 Kit 15 lbs.

Stainless/TEF Kemmerer Bottle

Constructed of all stainless steel with TEF end seals for sampling when stainless steel and TEF is required.

Available with or without carrying case, or in Kit form with 100 feet of steel cable, messenger and case. 1.2 L volume capacity.

601-058 Stainless/TEF, w/Case 12 lbs.

601-059 Stainless/TEF, Kit 14 lbs.

TEF Kemmerer Bottle

Constructed with an all TEF cylinder, TEF end seals and an all stainless steel trip head. For added strength, the center rod is solid TEF. The replaceable line has a TEF adapter for attaching it to the center rod. Samples touch only TEF allowing use for trace metals.1.2 L volume.

Available in Kit form with 100 feet of steel cable, stainless steel messenger and case, or without case.

601-070 TEF Kemmerer, 1.2 L, w/ case 12 lbs.

601-071 TEF Kemmerer, 1.2 L, kit 20 lbs.




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