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Electro-Fishing Unit - Model 2000     Boat Mounted Electro-Fisher - Model 2020
Electro-Shock Low Voltage Gloves    Electro-Shock Dip Net     Fish Measuring Board

lectrofishing is an efficient capture method that can be used to obtain reliable population estimates, length-weight relationships, and age and growth on most streams. Electrofishers tend to collect larger fish more easily than smaller fish but variable control electrical transformers allow adjustable control of voltage, pulse, and electrical frequency thereby reducing size selectivity. Electrofishing efficiency can also be affected by stream conductivity, temperature, depth, and clarity of water. Each condition must be considered to ensure a reliable population estimate. Electrofishing can be more efficient than other methods of population estimates such as seining and underwater observation. Boulder-rubble substrate, turbidity, aquatic vegetation, and undercut banks can bias other population estimation methods.

Backpack Electro-Fishing Unit - Model HT-2000

The Model HT-2000 Electro-Fishing Unit is a powerful and affordable solution
for Backpack Electrofishing. The HT-2000 meets and exceeds all aspects of tile ElectrofishingGuidelines. Battery and electrical circuits are contained in a hermetically sealed, rugged waterproof case. HT-2000 Battery Backpack
Electrofisher is a 29-volt battery powered electrofisher enclosed in our non-conductive and confortable pack frame. Our unique (optional) telescopic anode pole with crutch style handle allows hours of fatigue free use, even in strong currents. The HT-2000 works effectively in waters with high or low conductivity.

Conductivity Range·10 - 2000 microsiemens/cm
Battery• 29 volts, 10Ahr lithium Ion (3Ibs)
Output Voltage
• 50 - 950 V in 11 steps (50, 100, 150, 250, 350, 450, 550, 650, 750, 950V)
Output Power  • 2kVv Auto-variable • Output Duty Cycle - Auto-variable
Output Frequency• 5 - 250Hz In 11steps (6, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 130, 160, 200, 250Hz)
Weight• Approximately 221bs. (Battery included)
Overtoad Protection• Automatic electronic 30A fuse

Electrodes• 3 piece anode pole, stainless steel trailing cathode (rat tail)
Timer• 8 digit crystal controlled second counter
Multifunction Meter
• Mean Current (A] (xx.x display)
• Peak Power (W] (xxxx display)
• Battery Voltage M(xx.x display)
Front Panel• Charging battery without disconnecting it from unit

605-097                  Model HT-2000 Electro-Fishing Unit


Boat Mounted Electro-Fisher - Model 2020

The Model 2020 is a boat mounted electro-fishing unit that features a 2500 watt, 300 volt battery-operated power source. Specifications are the same as the model 2000 but uses a larger 24V battery source along with higher wattage and voltage output.

605-103           Model 2020 Boat Mounted Electro-Fisher


Electro-Shock Low Voltage Gloves

Made of natural rubber, these gloves are for use on circuits of up to 1,000 volts and work well in electro-fishing applications. Maximum use voltage in accordance with ASTM specifications, 1000 volts. 11" long.

605-109             Size 10 Gloves                0.8 lb.


Electro-Shock Dip Net

The fiberglass handle of this dip net insulates from user shock!  It also features an aluminum bow construction which eliminates netting abuse from rocks, sand, branches, etc.  The nylon netting is completely encased in the bow.

Dimensions: 16" x 16" bow with a 6' fiberglass handle.  Nylon net is 3/16" mesh x 8' deep.

605-091     Electro-Shock Dip Net     2lbs.


Fish Measuring Board

This high density polyethylene Wildco® Fish Measuring Board provides fast and accurate fish measurements.  Its smooth surface and east-to-read scales allow for minimal trauma to the fish during data collection.  The tempered aluminum straight edge is set up for metric measurements, but can easily be turned around for English measurements.  A tapered backstop helps prevent fish from sliding off during measurement.  Available in 30" (75cm) and 24" (60 cm) sizes with English and metric measurements.  English scale has .1" divisions.  Metric scale has 1 mm divisions.

605-115      Measuring Board, 30" (75 cm)     7lbs.

615-116     Measuring Board, 24" (60 cm)      6lbs.




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