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Stearns® Kayaks & Pontoons

Kayak with Motor Mount Chassis     E-Z Float™ Pontoon     Four-Piece Kayak Paddle
Kayak Back Pack     Bellows Foot Pump     Double Action Hand Pump

Stearns® Kayak with Motor Mount Chassis

This lightweight and durable kayak is extremely maneuverable allowing biologists, hydrologists and environmental scientists unlimited access wherever you work: in small lakes rivers, or backwoods creeks. Constructed from heavy-duty nylon PVC and protected by a tear-proof fabric cover, the four-chambered vessel inflates in minutes. Add the aluminum motor mount and your electric trolling motor for additional speed and control. Features a zip-open, 12 V marine battery compartment/storage hatch cushioned with inflatable battery pad. This kayak is ideal for using a sampling dredge or bottom grab as well as for monitoring water levels or testing sediment on site.

Well-appointed utility deck includes three built-in elastic mesh pockets, perfect for hand corer, Kemmerer bottle, or depth sounder. Transparent, waterproof pockets easily hold test kits and field books. Tough bungee deck lacing secures all your loose gear. Molded rubber handles, paddle holder, and beverage holder.

Trolling Motor Capacity: 44 lbs. thrust maximum (not included).

Battery Capacity: Group 24 battery maximum (not included)

Includes heavy-duty duffel bag with shoulder strap and repair maintenance kit.

Weight recommended: up to 400 lbs. with motor and battery.

607-495 Kayak w/Motor Mount Chassis Green 42 lbs.

Stearns® E-Z Float™ Pontoon

The E-Z float frameless pontoon design delivers stability and convenience. Larger and roomier than similar small craft, the E-Z Float is able to transport equipment such as samplers and water bottles. Shielded by a durable 420 Denier nylon cover, the separate PVC bladder pontoons levy added balance, buoyancy, and easy guidance. Each pontoon provides two generous cargo pockets with gym-style openings, two generous cargo pockets with gym-style openings and two smaller zippered compartments that will easily store water quality meters, a secchi disk, and extra gear.

Features include lash tabs, carry straps front and back, PVC-coated mesh stripping apron with size scale and genuine sheepskin fly patch. All zippers are nylon coil and self-repairing. Blaze orange panel on back of seat for safety.

607-500 E-Z Float Pontoon Wetlands Blue 13 lbs.

607-501 E-Z Float Pontoon Wetlands Camo 13 lbs.

Stearns® Four-Piece Kayak Paddle

The lightweight, durable aluminum shaft and its 45 degree, standard offset blade, allow precise control over short or long distances. The blade position adjusts to different paddling styles. It floats for easy retrieval and breaks down for easy storage and portability. Also included is a nylon/mesh bag.

607-507 Four-Piece Kayak Paddle 3.8 lbs.

Stearns® Kayak Back Pack

This pack allows hiking into any remote site comfortably with your kayak. Pack it in and paddle it out! Built with a 6500 cu. in. main compartment, it accommodates any Stearns Kayak complete with sized pockets for your paddle and other gear. Internal frame system reinforces the built-in, padded lumbar support. Contoured and comfortable, the thick-cushioned shoulder straps complement the waist belt's 2" buckle and sternum straps. It has pockets for holding 4-part paddle and the large self-draining, mesh compartment store water shoes or wet clothes. Multiple padded grab handles, side and top compression straps and drain holes are also features of this back pack.

607-513 Kayak Back Pack 6.3 lbs.

Stearns® Bellows Foot Pump

The super-compact, bellows action pump displaces 1/2 liter of air per stroke. This means full kayak inflation in under 8 minutes (maximum 2 psi) and includes an extra long hose.

607-519 Bellows Foot Pump 2.3 lbs.

Stearns® Double Action Hand Pump

Pumps air on both up and down stroke. Its quick action inflates kayaks or pontoons twice as fast: one liter air displacement per stroke. It pumps up to 100 strokes per minute and has an extra long air hose with multiple adapters.



607-525 Double Action Hand Pump 2.5 lbs.





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