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Standard Mercury Thermometers  Thermometer Shelter 
Minimum-Maximum Thermometer Sets  Floating and Submersible Thermometers

Standard Mercury Thermometers

The Standard Mercury Thermometer is 10.5 inches long and is mounted on a stainless steel back. Two models are available: the model 4410 with a range of -40 to +130 F and the model 4411 with a range of -40 to +55C. Accuracy is 0.15F above freezing. A stainless steel support is available to mount the thermometer the proper distance from a wall.

1001-116       Model 4410 Thermometer F       0.2 lb.

1001-117       Model 4411 Thermometer C       0.2 lb.

1001-118       Mounting Support                         0.5 lb.

Thermometer Shelter

This shelter is designed to house a U-tube minimum/maximum thermometer or a standard thermometer. Constructed of white panels with louvered front and sides and lock. The bottom panel has holes to increase natural ventilation. Inside dimensions: 9"W x 11 1/2"D x 18 3/4"H.

1002-033       Thermometer Shelter       23 lbs.

Minimum-Maximum Thermometer Sets

The Models 4420 and 4421 Minimum-Maximum Thermometer Sets are standard U.S. National Weather Service thermometer sets for obtaining daily maximum and minimum temperatures. Each set includes two thermometers and a stainless steel Townsend support, which holds the thermometers in the correct operation position and facilitates resetting. The maximum thermometer is mercury-filled and uses a bore construction to maintain the reading at the highest temperature reached. The alcohol-filled minimum thermometer utilizes a glass index to mark the minimum temperature. Each thermometer is mounted on a stainless steel back. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius sets are available.

4420 Minimum-Maximum Thermometer Set, F, including Townsend support.

4421 Minimum-Maximum Thermometer Set, C, including Townsend support.

1001-123       Model 4420 F Min-Max Set       4 lbs.

1001-124       Model 4421 C Min-Max Set       4 lbs.

1001-125       Spare Max. Thermometer          0.5 lb.

1001-126       Spare Min. Thermometer           0.5 lb.

1001-127       Townsend Support only             1.3 lbs.

Floating and Submersible Thermometers

Floating and Submersible Thermometers, Models 4490 and 4491, are designed to measure the minimum and maximum temperatures of water in an evaporation pan. Both feature a U-tube min-max thermometer mounted on an acrylic base. A built-in radiation shield protects the thermometer against direct sunlight. The floating models include acrylic floats, while the submersible models have stainless steel hardware to attach to the side of the evaporation pan. One of two measuring ranges can be selected: -10 to +60 C or +20 to +125 F.

1001-133 Model 4490 Floating Min-Max, F 3 lbs.
1001-134 Model 4490 Floating Min-Max, C 3 lbs.
1001-135 Model 4491 Submersible Min-Max, F 5 lbs.
1001-136 Model 4491 Submersible Min-Max, C 5 lbs.



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