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Model 3600  Federal and 3605 McCall Snow Sampling Tubes

The Mt. Rose or "Federal" type sampler is a professional grade snow sampler based on USFS design criteria. This set measures snow depth and water content to determine snow density. Sensitive spring balance is graduated in both equivalent inches and centimeters of water. The sampler is made with Cutter I.D. of 1.554in and 1.625in  (4.13 cm) I.D. anodized aluminum material. The sampler can be specified in English or metric units with the standard USFS length in 30" long sections and the metric in 1 meter sections. The tubes are precision machined to a very specific volume for accurate water equivalent measurements. The standard sets can be ordered with up to eight sections. The standard Federal cutter is a 16 tooth weighing 3 oz. and is typically used for sampling up to 30 feet deep. For deeper sampling than 30 feet or with layers of heavy ice the McCall cutter is recommended and is a heavier duty cutter weighing 6 oz.

3600 Federal Snow Tubes-Standard-English
1004-001 Snow Tube, 0-30in, Fed Cutter 1.2 lbs
1004-002 Snow Tube, 31in-60in, Federal 1.2 lbs.
1004-003 Snow Tube, 61in-90in, Federal 1.2 lbs.
1004-004 Snow Tube, 91in-120in, Federal 1.2 lbs.
1004-005 Snow Tube, 121in-150in, Federal 1.2 lbs.
1004-006 Snow Tube, 151in-180in,Federal 1.2 lbs.
1004-007 Snow Tube, 181in-210in,Federal 1.2 lbs.
1004-008 Snow Tube, 211in-240in,Federal 1.2 lbs.
3600 Federal Snow Tubes-Standard-Metric
1004-010 Snow Tube, 0-1 mtr, Fed Cutter 1.5 lbs.
1004-011 Snow Tube, 0-1 mtr, Federal 1.5 lbs.
3605 McCall Snow Tubes-Heavy Duty-English
1004-001-1 Snow Tube, 0-30in, McCall Cutter 3.0 lbs
1004-002-1 Snow Tube, 31in-60in, McCall 3.0 lbs
1004-003-1 Snow Tube, 61in-90in, McCall 3.0 lbs
1004-004-1 Snow Tube, 91in-120in, McCall 3.0 lbs
1004-005-1 Snow Tube, 121in-150in, McCall 3.0 lbs
1004-006-1 Snow Tube, 151in-180in, McCall 3.0 lbs
1004-007-1 Snow Tube, 181in-210in, McCall 3.0 lbs
1004-008-1 Snow Tube, 211in-240in, McCall 3.0 lbs
3605 McCall Snow Tubes-Heavy Duty-Metric
1004-010-1 Snow Tube, 0-1 mtr, McCall Cutter 3.2 lbs
1004-011-1 Snow Tube, 0-1 mtr, McCall 3.2 lbs
1004-014 Cutter, Snow Tube, Federal 0.2 lb.
1004-015 Cutter, Snow Tube, McCall 0.3 lb.
1004-016 Couplings, Snow Tube, Federal, 2 pak 0.2 lb.
1004-017 Drive Wrench, Snow Tube, Federal 0.1 lbs.
1004-017-1 Drive Wrench, Snow Tube, McCall 0.1 lbs.
1004-018 Scale, Spring, Snow, 12.5ft 1.5 lbs.
1004-019 Scale, Spring, Snow, 20.0ft 1.8 lbs.
1004-026 Scale, Spring, Snow,0.00-300cm 1.8 lbs.
1004-029 Scale, Digital, English 1.8 lbs.
1004-030 Scale, Digital, Digital 1.8 lbs.
1004-020 Cradle, Snow Tube  0.5 lb.
1004-021 Wrench, Spanner, Snow-Tube 2/set 0.2 lb.
1004-022 Thread Protector, Tube, Federal 0.3 lb.
1004-022-1 Thread Protector, Tube, McCall 0.3 lb.
1004-023 Case, Carrying, Hard, 8pkt, Snow 27 lbs.
1004-024 Case, Carrying, Hard, 4pkt, Snow  23 lbs.
1004-025  Wax, Ski, Snow Tube 0.3 lb.
1004-027 Brush, Thread Clean, Snow Tube  0.8 lb.
1004-028 Rod, Cleaning, Snow Tube 1.0 lb.


Model 3610 - Adirondack Snow Sampling Tube

The Adirondack-type tube is manufactured of fiberglass with a replaceable stainless steel 40-tooth cutter. The tube is 4 feet (1.2 meters) long, 2 5/8 inches (6.67 cm) i.d. and is marked in both English and metric units for measuring the depth of snow pack. The tube meets USGS standards for noncontamination when the core will be retained for water quality analysis. Aluminum-type models should not be used for collection of water quality samples.

The scale is marked in equivalent water depths in both English and metric units, to a maximum of 25 inches in 1/4 inch increments and 63.5 cm in 0.5 cm increments. The scale is interchangeable with earlier model Adirondack tubes of the same inside diameter.

The Snow Measuring Kit includes an Adirondack-type snow tube with cutter and matching scale with bale.

1004-033      Adironadack Snow Sampler      1.8 lbs.

Model 3620 - Prairie Snow Sampling Tube

The Prairie-type Sampler is the same design as the Adirondack but is made with an aluminum tube. It has a 30 sq. cm. cutter.

1004-040      Prairie Snow Sampler      2.6 lbs.



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